Ballineen cooked Irish sausages in batter review

Ballineen Irish sausages in batter, truly revolting turds in flour paste

You have to give it to Ballineen, it is quite a feat to make the sausage taste almost the same as the batter. Vile, unseasoned & industrial.

Hunger Breaks "Chip Shop" Chicken Curry & Rice

Hunger Breaks “chip shop” Chicken Curry and Rice, microwaveable gloop

Among the canned Prince's pies and hotdogs, this microwaveable marvel caught my eye. A chip shop style curry? It had a to be reviewed.

Goblin Meat and Gravy Pudding

I ate a 49p Goblin mystery meat pudding, I didn’t gobble it down!

Suet meat puddings are an English classic. This is a microwaveable English shite.

hEAT ‘EM UP Chicken Tikka Wrap: a frozen microwaveable monstrosity

Eating one of these wraps is like being forced to listen to Coldplay while doing your tax return. It's not torturous, but not that pleasant

I tried the UK’s cheapest supermarket hotdogs, they smelled like rancid chicken

Kingsfood hotdogs: made of 59% mechanically separated chicken & rendered pork fat residue, the smell alone made be bring up a bit of sick.