I ate a Peperami Roll, now I’m no longer barmy about salami!

The Peperami's flavour enhanced over-the-top taste and fatty consistency, clings to your taste buds like a Tick and can't be removed.

Princes Lunch Tongue Review

Princes Lunch Tongue, I tried eating a canned pig’s tongue, it’s vile!

After digging out the contents of the tin and plopping it on a plate, the full disgusting spectacle of what I was about to eat confronted me

Tesco Weirdoughs

Tesco Weirdoughs look like a dog’s arsehole

First in this years festive food feast are Tesco's Turkey & Stuffing Weirdoughs. What do these crusty little sphincters taste like?

Frozen Cheesy Chips Box

Microwaveable Frozen Cheesy Chips, a festival of carbs and fat!

After several pints of reassuringly costly french lager forget the kebab shop, you can now get microwavable cheesy chips to eat at home.

Wall's Microwavable Sausages Box

Wall’s Microwave Sausages, bangers for the terminally lazy

So you like sausages, but just can't be arsed to grill, fry or bake one? Wall's have made the 1 minute Microwavable stodgy starchy banger!