Asda vs Morrisons Value Chilli Con Carne Texas Shootout

I ate the two cheapest tinned chilli con carne available in major supermarkets, they were pretty grim.

Asda Smartprice Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Asda Smartprice Meatballs, vile chicken marshmallows in soup

I had decided to ‘step up to the mark’ as Jeremy Kyle would say. Opening the can I was greeted by the stench of slightly rancid chicken.

Crosse And Blackwell Hunger Breaks The Full Monty Review

Crosse & Blackwell Hunger Breaks The Full Monty breakfast in a tin

Elton John once sung 'Saturday night's alright for fighting' but for me, Tues night's alright to try The Full Monty breakfast  in a can.